How to use Yacon syrup properly

How to use yacon syrupAuto correct keeps changing the name of this precious newly found weight loss ingredient to bacon, ironic in every sense. Yacon, recently endorsed by Dr. Oz is a syrup from the yacon tree that promises to increase your body metabolism and help you get that bikini body before summer. Users of the syrup in a study lost up to 3 pounds in a month. The best part is that you do not have to change your daily routine. You, however, need to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercises. It is not magic, you need to work for that bikini body too. So how do you use yacon syrup?

1. In food

You will not find yacon syrup in the same lane as supplements and vitamins in the supermarket, it is found in the aisle where sweeteners and syrups are found because other than its ability to increase your body metabolism, it is also a great and healthy way to sweeten your food. The first place to use it is in pancakes in the morning for breakfast. Dr. Oz recommends that you use it three times a day in or with your food. You can also pour a tablespoon of in on baked sweet potato fries. You could also try it with almond butter and a bacon on brown cake. explains this topic.

2. In a smoothie

If you like to begin your day with a healthy drink or like to take a smoothie at some time during your day, this syrup goes a long way in sweetening drinks too. Mix a cup of almond milk, some frozen bananas, yacon, chia seeds and almond butter. Blend this mixture together and you have an amazingly healthy smoothie to take in the morning o0r during the day. It will help keep you energized and keep you on the right track on your journey towards weight loss.

Yacon syrup effects3. With Greek yoghurt

Most people say that the syrup has a fig taste to it. Some even say that it tastes somehow like cough syrup. If you are one of these people, you will find that the syrup is quite yummy in Greek yoghurt. It does not have any weird tastes that will drive you away. You can carry the syrup with you to work in a small bottle and add it to your Greek yoghurt at lunch.

4. With snacks and desserts

One thing about yacon syrup that is perhaps a good thing is its lingering taste. You find that you will not be craving chocolate and sweets as much because you can taste yacon in your mouth. If you want a snack try sprinkling cinnamon on some apple slices and drizzling them with yacon. This could also be a great dessert option; inexpensive, sweet and healthy.

5. Plain

If you d not like the taste of yacon with what you are having for lunch or dinner, try taking a spoonfull before or after dinner. You do not have to mix it with anything.

6. Green tea

Green tea could use a sweetener. Substitute honey with yacon syrup and see if it will work for you.