How Many Carbs Per Day Should We Eat For A Safe Weight Loss?

how many carbs in a day we should eat

How many carbs per day should we eat? Before discussing the quality of Carbs (Carbohydrate intake), one must know that there are two types of Carbohydrates, since some sources are healthier than the other.

The complex carbohydrates are less processed and digested more slowly but these are high in dietary fiber while simple carbs are easily digested and added to processed food.

Carbohydrate Calculation:

The amount of carb intake varies according to age, sex, the level of activity. Mayo Clinic states that 45-65 percent of our daily calories should come from carbohydrates. That makes it about 225 to 325 grams of carbs if your daily intake is 2000 calories.

If you are trying to lose weight and go on a low-calorie diet, then the number of carbs should be calculated as 45% of the number of calories.

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Why do we need Carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are the major source of energy for our body and they are responsible for keeping us active. The starch is broken into sugar that enters your bloodstream and from there, it is used by your body for energy.

Moreover, a high fiber diet reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases. Going on a low-carb diet for losing weight should be done very carefully because immediately reducing the number of carbs in your body can cause dizziness, fatigue, and weakness.

It is shown that a diet rich in high-fiber and starch is more helpful in controlling weight than a low-carb diet.

Choosing the right carbs:

good carbs for weight loss

Instead of reducing the amount of carbohydrate intake, attention should be given to choosing the right carbs. Eating the right type of carbs can be tricky. So, here is what you should do:

  • 1. Eat whole fruit instead of drinking fruit juice or sugary drinks.
  • 2. Instead of white flour products like pasta, bread, eat whole wheat or less processed grains that are high in fiber.
  • 3. Take complex carbohydrates and natural sugars from vegetables and fruits but avoid refined and added sugar.
  • 4. Stick to low-fat dairy products.
  • 5. Eat beans, peas, and lentils as they are low in fat and contain beneficial fiber.

While mentioning the importance of carbohydrates in one’s diet, it must also be mentioned that overeating of carbs or eating at the wrong time can add adipose tissue to the body.

So, the majority of carbs should be consumed early in the day and never late at night. It’s advisable to take them that way so that you avoid side-effect that can be caused by taking them at an inappropriate time.