Living with gynecomastia; how to cope


Big breasts sound like a nice vocabulary to the ladies. That’s what they long for. It’s very much acceptable being a beauty factor. To the men, this topic changes to be horrific. No man wants to hear about it. They don’t want big breasts on them whatsoever. It is a common trend to see men hiding as much as they can when they discover they have big boobs. Even then, hiding becomes a challenge with time and they feel like it’s the end of the line. Being a man requires a strong ego. With big breasts, you appear feminine and probably a laughing stock.

The effects of gynecomastia

With big boobs, a man has everything to lose. Romance is one of the issues that become almost extinct. You don’t feel like a man anymore when with the ladies. All you do is get embarrassed in their presence. As a result, you cannot be able to engage in romantic relationships that yield happiness. To the young boys, self-esteem goes down. The peers will find a strong reason to stereotype you. When with your friends in a swimming activity or changing rooms, you can’t hold it. The eyes will be on you. Self-hate develops and it might turn out to be depression. Some boys consider quitting schools and others commit suicide.

Is that the solution really?

From a biological approach, gynecomastia does not qualify to be a disease. It’s just a condition where the body is completely healthy but the hormonal imbalance defect causes enlargement of the breasts. Even with the feeling that the body is betraying your manhood, it’s definitely not enough reason to develop extreme self-hate that leads to suicide. It’s important that you convince yourself, you are not alone. Other men are also like you and they are probably coping with the situation. The best thing is to learn what exactly they are doing to gain such energy. Here is some advice.

  • Go for counseling – sometimes, it’s not about the medications. A simple talk therapy is enough to bring a low-esteemed man suffering from gynecomastia alive again. The depression as well as the anxiety that comes with gynecomastia will be eradicated by the inspiring words of the counselor. It depends with what counselor is engaged here. Not all have the potential to support victims.
  • Force yourself to speak out – people suffer with issues because they don’t have the courage to talk it out. You have some people who care and are very much willing to listen. If only you can talk about your gynecomastia situation with them, they will be very much in your support. They will research on the various ways to treat the situation and free you from your struggle. After all, speaking it out will partially relieve you the pressure.
  • You are not alone – gynecomastia is a disease of the men. You are not the first, neither the last. Other men are out there suffering like you do. If you can reach out to them and share your experiences, you will start to feel better about yourself.

You may want to look at your testosterone levels as there are many testosterone boosters on the market that can assist, but only if your levels are low or out of balance.