What is the Hydromax x30 pump and how should it be used?

The Hydromax x30 pump is a pump that has been developed to help you improve the appearance of your penis by making it larger or wider.


Many men want their penis to look bigger than it already is and this is because they assume a bigger penis means they are better in sex or some other macho stuff associated with men.

The penis actually works my means of suction where pressure is created around your penis. When you pump your penis with it, blood flow to the penis increases and then you notice some changes in the length and the width.

Using the pump incorrectly is not advised. The manufacturer has clearly indicated for you how to use the pump. When you use unnecessary force to pump your penis, one of the dire effects will be a burst in your vein or capillaries.

This will not bode well for you. There are also instructions on how to care for your device after use and how you should store it. You should always make sure to use this device as per the instructions. If you find any of the instructions not clear or making sense, you simply have to call the contact numbers indicated on the packaging.

The pump comes in different colors and it is your choice which color will suit you. If you are going to use the pump with your partner, you might decide to include them when choosing the color. Finding the pump is not really hard, it is widely available as it has been quoted to be the most effective and common.

A few side effects are expected when using the pump. You will see your penis swelling when you start using it. A lot of men have reported this and the manufacturer wants you to be assured that this is not a bad thing.

Your penis will also become a bit numb. The increase of the blood flowing in your penis causes this. Some blisters will also appear because of the chaffing that will happen when using the pump. As you know, when there is excessive friction, blisters are bound to appear.

This effect is common and should not worry you. Other times, you might notice that the blood surrounding your penis is a bit purple or has some purplish tinge. This comes about when the veins come to the top of the skin.

One of the other bizarre things you might notice is that your penis might start resembling some inflated donut. When the pump increases the blood flowing into your penis, the lymph fluid will not be left behind.

This will make your penis swell. Of course, during this time, use of the Hydromax x30 pump should be put on hold. Having sex will also have to stop.

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