Different clenbutrol cycles that you follow

Just like any medication that you get from your doctor, there has to be a process that will need to be followed. You don’t just take any pills and then expect to shed off extra weight the following day. Also, you will need to follow as prescribed in order to realize the best results. Clenbutrol is supposed to be consumed over a period of time in which will start seeing the results. The cycle that is followed will contain the number of times that one is supposed to take the compound in a day.


Due to metabolism difference from one person to another, each person will have their own tolerance level of this clenbutrol. This means that there is no specific prescription which will apply to everyone. Each person will have a unique cycle assigned to them and they will be dependent on their metabolism rate.

Common characteristics of the cycles include;

The burst cycle

As the name suggests, this is a cycle which involves taking in huge amount of clenbutrol for two days. After that, you will then skip another two days and consume it strongly again. For beginners, this is a cycle which could give them a hard time since they lack any experience with taking steroids. The reason for their issues is that their bodies could be caught off guard. This will affect the body’s metabolic rate hence interfere with the main reason for taking the drug.

The common cycle

This is a cycle which is quite common among many people. In fact, it is not a surprise to find many bodybuilders mentioning it. In this cycle, an organized and controlled amount of clenbutrol is consumed over a period of seven days. Once these days are over, a person can then go cold in order to give the body time to adapt and get used to the effects of this drug. Once the second week has passed, you can then repeat the cycle again. Most people using this compound will go for this cycle.

The incremental cycle

This is another cycle which basically involves starting low moving up high. It thus means that one will begin with a low dosage for the first few weeks and then gradually increase the dosage without a break. The first few weeks is when one will take in low amounts of the compound so as to minimize chances of stress in the body. The aim of starting low is to avoid a scenario where the body is caught off guard as it is the case in the burst cycle. Since there is no break in this cycle, the compound will stick around the body for longer period.


Before deciding to use clenbutrol, it is important to first go for a medical checkup. If you are on any drug currently, then this will be of utmost importance. Should have any medical condition such as heart failure, then consult with your doctor first.

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